A Modern Perfume Atelier In Chianti

An olfactory boutique of creative excellence with the ability to set your senses off on a multi-sensory journey with its exclusive lines of fragrances, home fragrances and body care products. Evoking the memory, emotion, experience of a uniquely magical, fascinating and sensual land. An elegant olfactory profile that is both complex and effortless.

“Our dream is to share with the world the scents of a land unlike any other in the world, a place that for centuries has merged history, culture and art.”

The Tuscan Way of Life

We have our own lifestyle, our own identity. Our model is the envy of the world, emulated and renowned. We want the core of who we are to mirror the traditions and style that for centuries have set us apart in art, poetry, history.

The Style

Colors, essences, materials will be our trademark. Our goal is to convey a recognizable style that honors our unique history. In terms of products, sales points and people, these features will be the jewel in our crown, our unique scent.

The People

This ambitious project is guided and supported by a team of people with long-standing experience in perfumery, particularly in Tuscan fragrances. The values of the company and the land that we have the honor and fortune to represent are rooted in each one of us. Commitment, creativity and business savvy are the main ingredients of our company.